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Harry was ecstatic to hear that he had advanced potions class with Ron and Hermione (though no one was sure how Ron made it into that class).  He hoped that the company of his friends would make the painful hour and a half tick by faster.  It wasn’t that he didn’t like the subject matter, it was mildly interesting.  It was that the potion’s master seemed to have a personal vendetta against him.  Of course that was only the opinion of half the class.

“Snape hates everyone,” Ron assured, “And it’s the first day, I mean come on.  He’s probably less grouchy today than any other day…other than the last.”

“I wouldn’t count on it, Ron.”

“Just try not to do anything worth getting glared at for.”

“Hermione, he called you an insufferable know-it-all for giving him the right answers to a question,” Harry reminded.

”Well…” She couldn’t really think of a good retaliation.

“He even docked us points for it!” Ron turned to the brunette. “For the sake of the Gryffindor house, don’t answer anything unless he asks you personally.”

“Ron! What is it with you!?” She seemed to have had enough. “All day you have been treating me poorly, and I won’t have it!  You better stop acting like I’m an enemy and treat me more like a friend!”

“Awe, Hermione, that’s how Ron says that he loves you!” Harry laughed to himself, and Ron’s face went beet red. Even the tips of his ears turned a pleasant shade of pink.  Hermione wasn’t spared of the embarrassment either, her cheeks also burned red.  Harry took no notice of this, and walked down the stairs into the dungeons.  They were just as dark and dreary as the year before.  Upon reaching the potions room, Ron yanked open the door and waited for his comrades to pass.  They all sat together as usual.  Soon the room filled with chattering sixth years of several houses, but everything became dead silent when Professor Snape appeared from his office.  You could hear the tapping of the potion master’s shoes as he walked to the front of the room.

“This is Advanced Potions.” The potion’s master swept the room with his hawk-like eyes.  No students dared to look directly at him. “Turn to page ten in your textbooks. Today, and for the rest of the week, we will be covering the Draught of Living Death.  This class is not for amatuers or for slackers.  We will not be reviewing any of last years material, or the basics of potion making. You are in Advanced Potions for a reason.  If you don’t know what that reason is then you shouldn’t be here.  I doubt most of you should even be in this class.” He looked directly at several students, including Ron and Harry. “But it is not completley my decision. If it was, there would not be an Advanced Potions class, since most of you are dunderheads who got in here by sheer luck and are not worthy of brewing such erotic concoctions as you will be in this class.” He paused for a moment, and looked at a few slytherin. “Though some of you do belong here…I hope.”

The ‘welcome’ at the first class of the year was always an interesting one with Professor Snape.  The students immediately flipped to page ten of their textbooks and waited for further instructions.  Being the curious type, Harry turned back several pages to the beginning of the textbook.  The first four pages were a basic review, but the other six covered a different potion.

Harry raised his hand, and Snape walked up behind the boy.

“Mr. Potter,page ten comes after nine and before eleven.”

Several slytherins who were sitting close by snickered, including Draco Malfoy.

“I know that, but Professor, I was wondering why we aren’t covering amortentia.” Harry pointed to the page in the book picturing a heart shaped flask of liquid with a mother of pearl sheen.

“Did I not say turn to page ten, Potter?”

“Yes, you did, but-“

“I did not say page five. If you had obeyed my instructions you would not be asking me this question. And that’s yes SIR.”

“Yes, SIR I did obey your instructions, but I wanted to know what was on the other pages-.”

“If you must know, I decided not to cover that potion first.” Snape sneered at the teenager and turned the page to ten. “Ten points from gryffindor for not sticking to directions.”  The other gryffindors in the room let out a collective sigh, and Hermione elbowed Ron.

“It wasn’t me you had to worry about!”

The class began with a rocky start for Harry already.  

They began to brew the potion, a blue steam filling the room. The directions were step by step, and not as difficult as one would have imagined.

“Now, bring out the Valerian root and Sopophorous Bean.  The text will tell you to chop them, but disregard this and crush them with the side of your dagger.”

“What happened to sticking to directions, Professor?” Harry gave him the most cocky grin he could muster.  After seeing Snape’s expression, he immediately regreted it.

“Methinks young Mr.Potter needs a reminder on how to treat authority.” He whisked around the chair and leaned over the teenager’s shoulder. “ It would be prudent to clear your schedule tonight, you have detention with me.”
weee its an ongoing story
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TanithWaters Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2007
Dang it, Harry, what is with you pissing Severus off? :lol:
Great job...can't wait for more! :excited: :D
LauraLF Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ha ha Harry got detention :)
neecolette Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2007
Niceee haha i love reading bout Snapes class and all his insults :D
plasticruffles Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2007  Student
Did he just say "erotic" in the context of potions? and no one called him on it?!... I'd so call him on that.
IalwaystrustedSSnape Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2007   Traditional Artist
hahaha I thought it was sexy X3 see Sevy can be a sexy sexy man.

No one REALLY listens in Snape's class, so they wouldnt have caught it anyways. :P
plasticruffles Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2007  Student
lol I would have been to busy staring at his ass, I guess, but still. I think anything concerning sex can snap a teenager out of any boredom induced coma. lol
IalwaystrustedSSnape Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2007   Traditional Artist
hehehehe ~^.^~ he seems so passionate about the field of potions I couldn't help myself ^.~ I wont let it happen again?
plasticruffles Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2007  Student
lol oh no no. you misunderstand. Do let it happen. In fact, emphasize it lol.
MerridewPhotography Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2007
Did you write this?

if you did, I felt like I was reading it straight from one of the books. Great job! :dance:
IalwaystrustedSSnape Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2007   Traditional Artist
I did write it X3 thank you very very much :D thats what I go for.
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