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The long, crimson train chugged down its tracks, carrying within its confines the bright (and less bright) students of Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardry.  Another summer had come and gone, and again the students found themselves being whisked away to their beloved school.  

Harry pulled open yet another door, this time finding Hermione and Ron in the compartment.  He slid in and sat beside Ron, looking down at the chocolate frog cards in his bag,

  “If you need any help eating those, I would gladly lend my services.”

  Hermione grunted behind one of her books.  Ron was never one to share anything food related.  Plus, she had already tried to sneak some of the cards from him and failed.

“I think I’ve got this one, thanks anyways, Mate.”

As was par for the course, the developed cliques hung out with one another on the train.  If you could find one student, you would easily find their friends.  The only students that were not always with their pack were the Prefects.  Still, at times you would find them roaming the halls with their minions, daring to start trouble rather than end it.  The reasonably calm ride was disrupted by squealing first-years, who were stampeding down the corridor.

“What is that racket?” Hermione demanded, slamming her book closed.

“Hermione, chill.” Ron looked to the door, watching as shadows flew by. “It’s a bunch of first-years. I wonder what’s got them spooked.”

“Why wonder when you can find out?” Harry stood from his seat and pulled open the door just as one of the new students was pushed against it.  The boy fell against the Gryffindor, flinging his arms wildly.  His eyes were squeezed shut, so he could not tell the difference between friend or foe.

“Hey kid! Calm down!”  Ron hovered behind Harry.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s a basilisk!” The boy screamed, his voice cracking.  Obviously he was a first year.

“A basilisk?” Hermione echoed, looking to both Harry and Ron skeptically.

“A prefect went into the compartment it was in to fight it!” The boy said.

“Which prefect?”

“D-Draco Malfoy!”
“Draco Malfoy?”  Hermione was overcome with belly laughs.  The boy stared at her in sheer horror.

“We’ll go check it out,” Ron tried to stifle his grin.  The trio left the frightened boy in their compartment, and made their way to the back of the train.  It was deserted, as would be expected after the stampede of first years running away from this direction.  

“We should have asked which compartment they were in.” Hermione peeked into the nearest compartment and found nothing but a spilt bag and several books.  Suddenly, an eruption of roaring laughter exploded from the last train compartment.  Harry walked up to the door and pulled it open, revealing Draco, Crabbe, and Goyle.

“What do you want, Potter?” Draco wiped laughter induced tears from his cheeks.

“Spooking the first-years, Malfoy? Really.”

“Don’t meddle in the affairs of Prefects.”  Crabbe and Goyle stood on either side of Draco, arms crossed.

“Don’t even try to threaten us!” Hermione pushed her way in front of Harry. She would take any opportunity she could to rebuke the Malfoy boy.  She didn’t like him very much.

“Why don’t you go back to your compartment, Mudblood?” Draco’s sneer was venomous.

“Why you little ferret!”

“Don’t call her a Mudblood!” Ron growled, pushing Harry behind them.

“Let’s just go.”  Harry had no interest in starting a fight on the train.

“Harry I’m not going to let him get away with calling me that! You might not care about it but I do!”

“My mother was a muggle born,” he reminded her coolly.  Her features softened, and she looked back at Draco with malice.

“Alright, Harry.”

She shut the door behind them as they left, and immediately the slytherins began laughing again.

“I can’t stand them.”

“No one can,” Ron assured, putting an arm around Hermione’s shoulders.  The three went back to their compartment where the boy remained huddled against the wall.  The three friends soothed the child and coaxed him back to his compartment.  As the boy left they saw the other house prefects escorting the other children to the back of the train.
The beginning to my HP fanfic. I'll see the response I get from this much.

Its not all about the trio, but it does include them. Many times the "parts" jump between action with the students, to action with the teachers, then back to the students, then back to the teachers etc etc. :) So snape fans hang in there, he's coming is my character! :)

Oh, and the parts will be of varying lengths. They arent always this long (and, in most instances, not always this short)
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snikkidoodle Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2007  Hobbyist
I like how you write... you got my attention, now continue!
sapphire-spider Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2007  Professional Traditional Artist
Very good. I have the same problem. ^^; When I get writers block with my story, I go back to one of my various fanfictions.
neecolette Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2007
Pretty good! :D Can't wait to see what snape filled adventures unfold! lol I've never attempted writing fan fiction (probably a good thing :nod:) lol
IalwaystrustedSSnape Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2007   Traditional Artist
I love to write! When Im having a tough time writing in my origional novel, then I make a my writing wont get rusty- and its good practice :) See, Im trying to get out of the habit of overly detailing everything...hopefully I havent done that yet.
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