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Most of the students were already in the Arithmancy classroom when Samantha arrived.  The classroom, as the great hall had been, was alive with chatter.  The tall brunette sat down at her desk and shuffled through the drawers.  Fetching a large book and several quills from the drawer she placed them on the desk and stood up behind it. Samantha rapped her wand on the desk for silence.  The students continued their rowdy conversations.

“Class,” She said coolly, “Class, please simmer.”

A few of the students began to settle, but most of them hadn’t quieted down.  Samantha took a deep breath and repeated herself.

“Class is started, please be quiet.”

It did no good.

“PLEASE BE QUIET NOW, CLASS IS STARTING!”  Her voice was like nails on a chalkboard when she screamed.  That did the trick, and silence fell over the classroom. “Thank you.”  She turned around and enchanted a piece of chalk to begin writing the day’s notes on the board.  Her curly brown hair had been pulled into a bun since the feast, and it made her look much more mature.  Hermione immediately began to pen down all the notes, her quill scribbling furiously over the parchment.  Ron looked over her shoulder and his blue eyes grew wide.  He drew up his wand slowly, and whispered something under his breath, pointing first at his own quill, then to Hermione’s.  Immediately the quill stood on its tip and began scribbling down everything that Hermione had written, mimicking the movements of her quill.  

“Today we will be covering the magical properties of the number 7,” Samantha launched into the lesson with mild intensity.  Hermione looked up at the chalks pause, and caught Ron’s quill storming across his parchment.  She turned to him with a smile.

“Ron, I’m impressed to see you-,” she then saw that he was not holding it.  It only took a moment for her to realize what he had done. “RON!”

Samantha turned on her heels to face the class, and the interruption of her lesson.

“Well, Miss…” she walked over to the table and looked over her shoulder. “Miss Granger.  Is there something troubling you so much you must interrupt your classmates valuable class time?”

“No…” She sank down in her seat, then looked at Ron who was staring into space already, “I mean yes! Yes there is!”  That snapped the Weasley boy out of his day dream.

“What is it, then?” Samantha seemed fairly amused.

“Mr. Weasley over here had charmed his quill to copy mine,” she exclaimed, “so he wouldn’t have to do any of the work!”

“Mr.Weasley, is this true?”

“I-,” he glared at Hermione, a look of betrayal in his blue eyes. “Yes ma’am…I did.”

  There was a long pause, and Ron held his breath for his sentence.  

“Ingenious!” Samantha said. “That was very clever of you, Mr. Weasley.”  Hermione’s jaw dropped, and Ron looked up at the teacher, startled.


“That was a very clever idea.” she smiled. “Just don’t do it for tests.” Samantha turned to Hermione. “But Miss Granger, if it bothers you that much, then I will ask him to stop.”

“Yes it does.” Hermione was flustered beyond belief

“Alright, Mr. Weasley, please don’t do that anymore.”

“Yes ma’am.”  

“If that’s all, then I would like to continue our discussion on the number 7.”  She smiled and turned back towards the front of the room.

“Professor Fiddlesnype?” Ron piped up, and the brunette turned around.


“What house are you in?”

  A bright smile spread across her face, and her eyes glimmered with pride.

”Well, Gryffindor. Naturally.”
Im bored- posted more.

comment ppls!!! I dont write for my health! (even tho I kinda do...shutup)
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neecolette Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2007
Lol I like Fiddlesnype (and saying the name XD) I woulda read this earlier but our computer is broken I'm a tad behind on things
IalwaystrustedSSnape Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2007   Traditional Artist
quite alright ^_^ I like her name just sprang into my head one day O.o

the fiddle is my favorite instrument, and a snipe is a bird that can sense danger at a human level...yeah. :D I just gave snipe a y.
neecolette Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2007
hahaha awesome i probably woulda came up with...........shnagglemeister hehe :D
snikkidoodle Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2007  Hobbyist
haha! Stupid Hermione...

I like this teacher! She's cool :D
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